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Simplified HR operations, plus expert support on the go. Dear HR, We understand You!

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Company Overview

TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll.

At TEAMROLL, we combine our expertise, knowledge, humane support and core values to ensure that our believers have a rollin’ experience. We believe in delivering amazing workforce experiences so that our employees can become great Employer brands, increasing engagement, performance and retention, while making it easier to acquire amazing talent.


  • Payroll Management

    Complete Payroll Management including all statutory compliances like ESI, PF, PT & TDS. With the in-house coded formulas and systematic processes, get assured about timely and accurate payroll processing.

  • Employee Life-Cycle Management

    From On Boarding to Exit, we will handle all the formalities, collect necessary documents, prepare Employee profile, undertake regular updations and ensure complete digitization in the system. Dear HR, you only have to access any data whenever and wherever you want to.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Flexible and customized recruitment plans suitable for all kinds of company. What We are best at is our knack for spotting the best among many and providing our believers with high quality recruits at reduced cost.

  • Training & Development

    Customized training and development strategy for your human assets so that they remain updated with the latest in the industry along with achieving higher productivity. Our strategies are not just boring modules but memorable experiences. Try it we suggest!

  • Life Enhancement Programs

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes, this applies to all the Jack-n-Jill at the workplace. That's where we bring in some refreshing and life-enhancing activities & programs so that they remain active and energetic. Not to forget, it is one of the most powerful retention strategy widely followed across the world.

TEAMROLL in numbers


Month on Month growth rate achieved since inception.


Happy employees served till date


15-Member strong and expert team


Queries of employees satisfactorily handled till date


95% of our employees have rated our service as #1 (Very good)

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TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll by taking away all their tedious duties under our control. Plus, the expert support for the employees makes the whole employment journey a rollin’ one!

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