To the Community


To the Community

India is a country of diversified religions and ethnical backgrounds which is a home to fifth of the world’s youth.

Teamroll believes mobilizing this youth community and channelizing them into the appropriate career path as one of our key motive. Increasing employment opportunities and providing them higher wages for a better sustainability are the main motivators for this goal.

Teamroll has been actively engaged with various Skill Development and Vocational training centres who have been educating and converting the youth into job ready terms and provide them assistance for employment through our profuse network. Right from employing them, we also extend our support by conducting surveys, obtaining their feedback, analysing their needs and issues at workplace, and understanding their potentials – we motivate them through rewards and recognition events.

Teamroll as a private sector plays a salient role in bridging the gap between the significant unemployed youth and the market that provides a career to the like-minded and the diversified youth. Apart from the main stream recruitment, Teamroll has been aiding the youth to boost up their chances of getting employed through an assessment portal- “EEMPQ” (Enhancing Employability Quotient) which is successfully prepping the youth to master the interview skills through effective assessment programs, and by conducting various webinars and need based training programs so that youth are oriented for employment.

Teamroll has been proactive on social platforms and broadcast the job opportunities available instantly. We not only stress upon employing the youth, but also provide them a decent livelihood making them self-reliant. We firmly believe the “Right Job-Right Candidate” mantra, but the factors like information asymmetries on jobs and skills, and lack of guidance to set realistic goals and making the right choice, is creating a major misalignment between the skills and career field of the youth.

Teamroll has been keenly considerate about the underprivileged, supporting them in utilizing their inherent skill and we have targeted the specific job opportunities in relevant sectors. Nevertheless, Teamroll has been continually pioneering and driving various new ideologies to create an inclusive environment to all the sections of society and uplifting the youth for the betterment of nation.

Substantiating to this, Teamroll has engaged with a renowned skilling centre and placed a batch of candidates who had undertaken vocational training into our client company – Prospect Technology Private Limited, one of the leading NHBC.

We have counselled and oriented these candidates with the basic pre-requisites like interview etiquettes, communication skills, employer expectations and about the company background.

With this approach, the selection ratio of these candidates had been improvised with a success rate of 90%. Along with providing a livelihood for these candidates, Teamroll has been instrumental in building a beneficial career path for them by bridging the gap.