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Our Story

We started our wonderful journey in the winter of 2016. Our struggles, sacrifices, and dedications from three years surely bore success. The need for Teamroll began when a lot of organization’s started facing difficulties in their Human Resources department. It became challenging for companies to handle payroll information and needed assistance. Quality hiring and effective training had become a major highlight during board meetings. These were the reasons why Teamroll was born. Our company’s major goal is to make the jobs of a Human Resource employee easier and less stressful.

Teamroll will be the perfect solutions for any organization’s facing problems in the Human Resources department. Services and solutions offered by Teamroll are Temporary staffing, permanent staffing, leadership hiring, IT staffing payroll, and entry-level hiring. With TeamRoll, HRs can take a load of responsibility off their shoulders.

End to End staffing solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where companies grow due to:
1)Right focus on major operations.
2)Right talent at the right time.
3)Right systems and processes for seamless HR administration.

We aim to achieve this with all the support from our believers, i.e. OUR CLIENTS AND EMPLOYEES. In the end, it’s all about TEAMWORK.

Our Core Values

Our values guide all aspects of how we run the company. We expect all our members to believe in our values.
1.Family Member – We work like supporting our own siblings. Way possible. After all, we are a family!

2.Think beyond – Short term gains are always boring then long-term sacrifice. Productivity will rise and rise!

3.Ownership mentality – Our members have all the right to make our company better in any which s. We believe in futuristic thinking.

4.DND – No, it’s not DO NOT DISTURB. DND stands for DELIGHT-N-DELIGHTED. Go the extra mile and deliver what delights our believers and be delighted in your work.

5.Fair & Transparent – What’s fair isn’t the same as what’s easy. But yeah, the pride is always with being Fair & transparent. Accept mistakes, learn, enjoy and be accountable. After all, being ethical is all about common sense, and we follow all the rules of the books in the HR ecosystem.