Why Choose us?

What makes companies of all sizes want to work with us?

It’s our differentiated approach towards Human assets and their administration that makes life easier for HR and transforms dull routines of employees into delightful experiences.

Passionate-cum-Expert support & Simplified Operations

Our in-house team of experts put in the best efforts to make sure that the HR just relaxes while we work for them and at the same time, the employees who we consider as our family members have a rollin’ experience everyday at work.

We Believe In We

We love what we do

We put our heart & soul into what we do to make sure our believers always think of us with utmost pride. Our passion for HR transforms into new innovations for the industry and contributes to our motive of changing the usual perception of HR as a boring function into an amazing department.

We think the other way

We always think out-of-the-box which helps in simplifying the complications and constantly delivering memorable experiences to our employees and clients. Our belief is “Futuristic & Quality”.

We are a family

The family-like culture makes the employees & our team deliver good work every single day. We listen, talk and understand each other. Needless to say, the productivity and quality is only going to increase by leaps & bounds.

We follow 3P

* Right Product
* Operate Professionally and
* deliver perfectly

With TEAMROLL’S 3P model, you will only have to sit back, relax and watch the magical experience being created.


AAS: Anytime Anyday Support

We are the 1st in industry to introduce AAS service. “AAS” in Hindi stands for Hope which we aim to become for our family members(employees). We understand that problems never inform beforehand and our members may need our support at any point of time. To address this, we have introduced our single point contact number where we can be reached even at 3 a.m. in the morning or 11 p.m. in the night. Isn’t that innovative and cool?


The who’s who of the industry are having a rollin’ journey with us. You are now just a click away from joining them


TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll by taking away all their tedious duties under our control. Plus, the expert support for the employees makes the whole employment journey a rollin’ one!