The Knack of spotting The BEST among many is a Talent of Rare!

We know what it takes to connect you to the right talent. Acquire talent quickly and easily!

What sets TeamRoll apart is extensive screening and accurate mapping of client requirement with candidate interests. Our values when it comes to recruitment is “Quality over Quantity”. Though we have access to large pool of talent, we scout for the best so that the cost of hiring is justified through their performance.

We will be assigning a Dedicated Relationship Expert who will be your single point of contact for all queries and issues. Plus, the advantage is that the expert will be available round the clock to help you out and not only during specific timings.

Having a Dedicated Expert brings along valuable benefits. These are

  • Clear understanding of requirements
  • Creation of a professional job description followed by checklist
         of skills
  • Savings in time as the expert will conduct all the screenings,
         searching and shortlisting operations.
  • Having a rollin’ time as you get direct access to most suitable profiles
        without much efforts and hassle. all you do is just say yes!

Our various offerings under Talent Acquisition are

RPO(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

3S (Search, Screen and Shortlist)

Call us to know more about how we can help you streamline your company’s talent acquisition process. It doesn’t cost you to have a chat with us plus we are fun to talk with!


TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll by taking away all their tedious duties under our control. Plus, the expert support for the employees makes the whole employment journey a rollin’ one!

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