Life is not all work and no play.

Certain interactions beyond worklife brings alive the best of an individual.

   Be it an office trip or a day outing or a team building program, there is always a need for social interaction beyond worklife that builds strong relationships between all the members. Our suite of programs and activities have been designed after an extensive research of the most efficient methods to boost employee morale.

But, Why do companies of all sizes and across all industries need such programs?

Powerful Relationships

In order to achieve collaboration and co-ordination between all the members, it is necessary to build a strong relationship between them. They need to respect and understand each other in order to achieve team level goals. Through Life Enhancement Programs, they will not only collaborate with team members but also learn the importance of relationships both at personal and professional level. In the end, the aim should be to convert “Many individuals into One Family”.


Many of these regular adventures, outings and activities relaxes the already stressed mind of employees and transforms them into a soft individual capable of multi-tasking and working with utmost enthusiasm thereby producing better results.


According to a popular research journal, “Life Enhancement Programs are globally proven retention strategies. They create a sense of belonging among employees, refreshes them from routine workload and transforms them into a positive individual. These factors together create workplace satisfaction and reduces attrition rate”. We think this is the coolest way to retain employees!

Employer Branding

Needless to say, when employees are content with their job, they are going to spread positive thoughts about the employer in their social network. This helps the employer in attracting deserving and talented candidates for future positions and builds a respectful reputation of the company as an employer.

Some of the key features of our Life Enhancement Programs are

Flexible and Customised

In order to serve companies of all sizes, we create Personalised solutions so that they best fit the specific budget and objectives


Don’t take our words, rather experience it! Our programs, irrespective of the scale and budget, will be an experience to remember forever.

Dedicated Team & Specialised Partners

Work with a dedicated team that is passionate about the domain and pioneer in their roles. In addition, our clients also get access to our specialized, handpicked partners who will go all the way to create wonderful experiences that transforms into personal development of the employees.

Our offerings

  1. Adventure Trips
  2. Day Outing
  3. Spiritual Programs
  4. Team Building Programs
  5. Leadership Development
  6. Soft Skiils Training (Public Speaking, Presentation, Personal Communication)

Come on! Don’t think much. You get to lose nothing. Just call us to know more about the program and there are high chances that you may experience a surprise from us.



TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll by taking away all their tedious duties under our control. Plus, the expert support for the employees makes the whole employment journey a rollin’ one!

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