What if you could put your FIELD FORCE on AUTO MODE?

It certainly is possible with

The most hassle-free tech solution for Field Force Automation

TeamRoll is beyond a CRM. It helps you track your team accurately and helps them to be productive on field.
TeamRoll has helped increase our Sales Force Productivity by at least 70% and reduced our costs by 35%. This is amazing”.
- HR Manager of a Leading Electronics Brand

What TeamRoll offers?

Basically everything that is needed to Automate your Field Operations.

Why companies prefer our solution?

Built with world-class technology. FYI, it has its roots from Korea.

Secured in all SSD cloud

Everything is digital. No papers involved!

Deep Insights and Analytics with Forecast & Prediction ability

Proactive Support Systems to help better drive your Automation Goals.

One-stop & completely flexible solution. Plus, it can be integrated with major CRM tools

Layman’s UI


TEAMROLL INC was started with the mission of simplifying HR processes and letting the HR Teams just Rock & Roll by taking away all their tedious duties under our control. Plus, the expert support for the employees makes the whole employment journey a rollin’ one!

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